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We are a small re-enactment group of family and friends who are keen to create an accurate Living History impression of the soldiers and their wives of the British Army during the American War of Independence 1775 - 1783, and of the years leading up to it.


We represent a corner of a military camp or barracks in America.  As the 43rd were fighting in Quebec, Canada before the start of the American War of Independence we are also aiming to build a 'winter impression'.  At home in the UK we can show some of the other duties the 43rd Regiment were asked to carry out, such as catching pirates when they came ashore or recruiting new soldiers. 

Our soldiers will carry out camp duties such as cleaning their precious Bess muskets, blackballing their shoes and whitening coat facings and breeches. They will also demonstrate the drill from period manuals and have close up conversations with members of the public.


See lots more photos on our gallery page here

Our women have a strong role, reflecting their essential place as followers of the British Army.  This includes nursing, laundry, sewing and mending, and again talking about their work, their place in the army and their clothes.

As an independant unit we are happy to attend events where organisers are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable 'up close' to the public experience, bringing colour and something fresh and interesting.  We also love joining in with other groups at multi-period events, adding to the timeline of soldiers through the ages.


A glimpse of our Bell of Arms tent and our Laundress

Don Troiani Forty Third.jpeg

The above painting of a soldier in the 43rd by Don Troiani was a special commission for the American 43rd regiment of foot who have graciously allowed us to use it here.

The header image is 

'A Military Encampment in Hyde Park'

by James Malton, 1761–1803, British

Date: 1785

Medium: Watercolor, pen and black ink, and graphite on moderately thick, moderately textured, beige, laid paper

Dimensions: Sheet: 8 1/4 × 11 7/16 inches (21 × 29.1 cm)

Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection


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We are Carey's company!

The 43rd served through the whole period of the war and three of the companies retained their Captains throughout.  The American 43rd re-enactment group chose one such Company; Captain Duncan Cameron's. The two other Companies were Hatfield's (Grenadiers) and Carey's, which is the one we have chosen to represent.

George Carey was the Colonel of the regiment so his Company was under the command of his Captain Lieutenant.

Briefly, a regiment in the 18th Century consisted of 10 companies. The senior ones are:


Colonel's Company

Lieutenant-Colonel's Company

Major's Company

and then the remaining 7 led by Captains

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